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Tools of the Trade

From Bryan Monell
Facebook posting, April 29, 2023
April 2023

cruelty tools

Tools of the trade. Mans' tools of depravity, despair and destruction.

  • Electric prod used to shock elephants on their tongue and genitals.
  • Bullhook used to beat elephants in the circus. Lion whip used to whip baby and full grown tigers and lions in the circus.
  • 12 gauge shotgun shell used to kill a pheasant at a canned hunt in Minnesota.
  • Arrow used to shoot geese in Mississippi.
  • Bucking horse mane hair ripped out, dirt and rope from inside chute #6 Cheyenne rodeo.
  • Part of the release rope that opens the calf roping and steer wrestling chute at the Reno rodeo.
  • Hog nose puller from Virginia.
  • Leghold trap from woods of Illinois.

These are tools of shame.

We need to do much better as a species.

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