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Morgan Spurlock conducted and filmed a controlled experiment by enclosing French fries in glass jars. One jar contained fries from McDonalds, the other from a local restaurant. Ten weeks later, the fries from the local restaurant were completely blackened with mold yet the McDonalds fries were still intact without a single mold spore and appeared as if they were "just purchased yesterday
8 August 2008

Similarly, in a recent interview with Author, Julia Havey, she also conducted a similar experiment and compares McDonald's French fries to that of a "regular" restaurant. Both French fries are (at the time of the interview) were 4 years old… and sure enough, the McDonald's fry still looked as if it was purchased yesterday. McDonald's fry did not exhibit a single mold spore and still maintained a normal appearance whereas the fry from another restaurant had completely broken down with mold.

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