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This section is an acknowledgement of the people who are an active part of the Mission and Purpose of our Foundation, and who wish to be included in this section.

If you would like to be included in this section, please submit a photo and comments about yourself and your activities.

Marcela Lopez - Cairo Egypt

Marcela LopezI am originally from Venezuela and Argentina. I am a music teacher. I became vegetarian when I was 23 years old, I am 45 now. And I became vegan when I first visited the www.all-creatures.org web site and I found out about how bad dairy products can be.

When I was living in New York I was very active working for animals right, giving flyers to people in the street, in the trains, etc. Right now I am living in Cairo, Egypt, learning Arabic, animals right doesn't exist in this country and it is very painful to see. But I do my best to talk to people about this issues, for now only to people that speak English, (most of the educated people here knows English), but I can't wait to know Arabic to share with everyone what it means to be compassionate toward animals. And also to share with them the benefits of a vegetarian diet for our bodies. No doubt about it, we are so much healthier when we don't eat any kind of of animal product.

In my family only my older sister (we are three) is vegan too, we became vegetarians together, and her four kids, the oldest 22 now, have been always vegetarian. What a blessing!

I am very thankful for all the people that work for the animals. May God bless them with a very special blessing. We have to continue this work and pray about it, specially for the Christian Church so God can open their hearts and fill them with His mercy.

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