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Tabitha Visco - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA

Tabitha ViscoHi,

My name is Tabitha Visco of Pittsburgh, Pa. I am deaf and was born in 1970. I grew up loving animals. I have a beautiful daughter named Camy Mae. We have 3 Jack Russell terriers. Flo, Cop and Lola.

When I got pregnant with Camy, I started to wonder why we have to eat animals, and looked at my dogs as they are my passion and my life. My life turned around because of them. They were my missing piece, because I was always confused about life, and I did not like the way people eat animals.

People tell me its the way nature is, and I tell them something is not right, and God doesn't like the way animals are getting bred and killed, or put to sleep when no one wants to adopt them.

I got furious every day when I was pregnant. My neighbor was so mean to his own dog Babes who didn't listen well and he threw her up in the air twice in front of me. I blew up and yelled at him. Babes was so innocent and very old. He told me to shut up and it was his dog. I said it is my business to help dogs who are abused. PERIOD. He got quiet. Babes died a few weeks later. She was totally faithful to him, and so nice to him. Her death hit me hard, and thought of becoming an Animal cop. I fell in love with that show called ANIMAL COPS on TV.

Then I started to ask my priest friend from my high school hard questions about eating animals. He tried his best to give me his answers, and said that's the way nature is, and that I have to accept that. I told him that I was NEVER satisfied with his answers. I asked around, too, but people still told me that it is still the way nature is.

I got depressed and sad afterwards, and said to GOD, why does He have to let animals suffer and let us eat them? I cry sometimes whenever I get depressed thinking why people think they have to eat animals, and I do not feel right.

I grew up hating Thanksgiving, and I always thought that it's rather depressing for me, because I see a dead turkey, and it reminds me of a newborn baby.

I was not religious at all, but when I get sad about the way animals are treated, I also get determined to find the truth about the Bible and why God would let it happen. I think I started to try to be a little religious because of animals.

In late spring of 2008, I cried because I didn't like the nature and way that animals get killed. It breaks my heart. I asked, God, why did you let it happen? Something pushed or dragged me into my computer and I Googled, "Does God love animals?" I never thought I would ever ask that on my computer. That's when I found the www.all-creatures.org web site, and Mary and Frank Hoffman. It gave me a BIG smile. They saved my life, because before I had known about them or their site, I would cry often and be depressed. I have been happier ever since knowing God loves animals. I said to myself, "I KNEW IT!", as I followed my heart knowing it's NOT right to eat animals.

I blamed God for nothing. I apologized to GOD and said, I LOVE YOU! I believe it was HIS plan to drag me into my computer. I could feel him. I really enjoy talking with Frank and Mary. They always make my day when I read their emails. They are such warm and sweet people, and patient with me because I am still learning about the Bible. I decided to become vegan when I first talked with them.

I know animals have deeply feelings. I always want to be a voice for them. Some people don't realize animals are such a blessing. We need to respect them. They deserve to be loved. My dogs know how I feel. When I cry or get upset, they crawl into me and lick my tears and sit on my chest. I feel so loved. I know without them and my daughter, I would be NOTHING. I love people who love animals. It's important to me.

I do not respect people who don't understand about animals, and complain too much about dogs' mess or getting a lot of hairs in their houses. Come on, Kids make a mess, too. What is the point? Kids would spill milk or sodas, draw on the walls and spread toys around the house. Dogs and most other animals only have a short life. They deserve to be respected and loved. Its very sad to see some people so insensitive about animals.

God bless animals! Go VEGAN!

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