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The Mary T. and Frank L. Hoffman Family Foundation

Dedicated to cruelty free living through a vegetarian vegan lifestyle.

The Annual Meeting of The Mary T. and Frank L. Hoffman Family Foundation is held over several days in late Spring or early Summer of each year following the filing of the 990-PF with the Internal Revenue Service, on or before 15 May.  The time frame allows for personal, telephone, and email communication among Trustees in accordance with the By-Laws.  The Dated indicated below is the date these Minutes were compiled and approved.


  • 7 July 2019


  • Frank L. Hoffman
  • Stephen Kaufman
  • Tammy Nicholson
  • Betsy Wosko

Trustees Participating:

  • Frank L. Hoffman
  • Stephen Kaufman
  • Tammy Nicholson
  • Betsy Wosko

Review of Prior Annual Meeting Minutes:

  • Upon motion, properly seconded, the minutes of the previous Annual Meeting were reviewed and approved unanimously.

Treasurer's Report:

  • 2018 Income: $119,151
  • 2018 Expenses: $91,506
    Professional Fees: $1100
    Internet and Other Expenses: $22,704
    Internet Publishing Services: $47,343
    Depreciation: $11,297
    Occupancy: $4,407
  • Travel, Conferences, Meetings: $3,725
    Donations: $930
  • 2018 Excess Revenue (Capital): $27,645
  • Cash in the bank as of 30 June 2019: $4,867
  • The Treasurers report was accepted unanimously.

Review of Current Foundation and Web Site Status:

  • Frank reported that despite updating the website and making efforts at search engine optimization, from Spring of 2016 (when search engines changed algorithms) through the end of 2018, we lost visitor traffic. Whereas we used to have 110,000 unique visitors per day, we now have that per month. The visitor loss seemed to have ended by the end of 2018, but again dropped the early part of 2019. Other animal rights’ nonprofits seem to be having a similar problem.
  • We are still hosting about 40 other like-minded organization's web sites.
  • Since Mary’s death, 25 August 2018, we have had an open Board seat. Discussion was held about keeping an eye out for another board member who has skills which could be of value, such as internet marketing.
  • Review of Current Year's Budget (1st 5 months of 2019):
    • Income from Donations: $35,147
    • Expenses: $32,285
      Internet and Other Expenses: $11,180
      Internet Publishing Services: $18,465
      Debt Service $0.00
      Professional Fees: $2,550
      Donations: $90
    • Contingency and Reserve: -$2,862
    • Both Income and Expenses are running about 5/12 of the proposed budget, but since Frank Hoffman agreed to fund up to $84,000.00 to cover operation expenses, no changes were needed.

Old Business:

  • There is an open Board position that needs to be filled.
  • Approval of Revised Bylaws, Article I, Section I, relating to mission, vision, and objectives; revised language below:


    • To advocate for a vegan world where people take action to care for all of God’s creation.



    • A peaceful world where all beings live in harmony (See Isaiah 11:6-9).




    • To end all suffering and cruelty to any of God’s creatures, human and others

    • To end the use of animals for food, clothing, research and testing, entertainment, “sport,” and for any commercial purpose  

    • To protect the environment, our common home  

    • To support organizations who have similar goals

    • To provide an archive of informational and inspirational materials to help people live and promote a vegan lifestyle

New Business:

  • Proposed Budget for Next year:
    • Income from Donations: $85,000.00
    • Expenses: $78,000
      Internet and Other Expenses: 28,000
      Internet Publishing Services: 44,000
      Professional Fees: 3,000
      Donations: 3,000
    • Contingency and Reserve: $7,000
    • After discussion, and Frank’s assurance that he would fund up to $84,000, the proposed budget, upon proper motion, duly seconded, was approved unanimously.               
  • We might need a new server. The cost is estimated at $10,000. We are presently working with Intelligent Technowlogy Solutions (ITS) to use a Microsoft program and cloud and avoid having to replace the server at a considerable saving but in the current year and in future years.             
  • We reviewed current independent contractor status and possible future needs and policies. 


  • There being no further business, upon motion, duly seconded, the meeting was adjourned. 

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