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Caviar Cruelty: Sturgeons Stabbed and Slaughtered

March 2024

Fishes are forced to live in barren tanks in cramped conditions, and are kept alive for at least 11 years until they’re old enough to produce caviar eggs.... To check whether the fish eggs are ready to be sold as caviar, workers wrestle four to five feet long sturgeons onto a stretcher, stab them in the abdomen, insert a tube, and use their mouth to suck out the eggs.

Petition: Whole Foods Sells Caviar Cruelty—Act Now

Worker kills endangered sturgeon with captive bolt gun.

Caviar, a symbol of culinary luxury, comes at a steep cost beyond its lavish price tag. For the first time, Animal Justice is exposing the immense cruelty endured by the fishes who are exploited for decades, and have their eggs cut out of them to be served as a delicacy.

This is Canada’s first-ever undercover investigation at a fish farm, and the world’s first insider look at the caviar industry. Our horrifying new footage exposes the dirty secrets behind the opulent garnish.

An Animal Justice whistleblower worked at Northern Divine Aquafarms, a caviar farm on British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast that sells certified organic and “sustainable” white sturgeon caviar and fish eggs, also known as “roe”, from coho salmons. With a hidden camera, they filmed widespread animal suffering and appalling practices.

Caviar is too cruel to be sold—just like other luxury food products like foie gras and veal. Our shocking hidden-camera footage revealed:

  • Fishes stabbed repeatedly in their abdomens to check for egg maturity
  • Workers using straws to suck eggs out of fishes with their mouth
  • A seven-foot sturgeon named Gracie living in tiny tank for at least 25 years
  • Cramped & filthy living conditions for fishes
  • Troubling deformities & injuries
  • Fishes thrown on ice & being killed by freezing to death
  • Fishes cut open while still alive

Animal Justice has filed a detailed animal cruelty complaint with the BC SPCA, which is investigating Northern Divine.


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Overhead view of fish tanks at Northern Divine Aquafarms.

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