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Advocating For Our Friends The Cephalopods

July 2023

Cephalopods are often overlooked when humans consider farmed animal species. This is partly because they have not been farmed on a large scale, but that is unfortunately on the horizon. You can help raise awareness about the growing industry of cephalopod farming and the many lives it affects and will affect in the future each year.


While cephalopods are undoubtedly not the first species you think of when considering farmed animals, octopus (and squid and cuttlefish) farming is becoming a reality. Although they are not currently farmed to the extent of many farmed species, the development of cephalopod farms is a growing concern.

We know it is highly unlikely you will be asked to take in a cephalopod resident. However, our friends, the cephalopods, need our help. While direct rescue and care aren’t generally possible, you and your sanctuary can bring awareness to the concerning “trend” of this exploitative practice. This brief resource is here to introduce you to the facts surrounding cephalopod farming and how you can use it to spread awareness among your community.


  • Cephalopod Aquaculture
  • Digital Advocacy
  • Onsite Educational Opportunities
  • Supporting Existing Efforts
  • Summary of How You Can Help
  • Fun Facts About Cephalopods Infographic!
  • Sources


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