What is Life Like for Farmed Fish?
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FROM We Animals Media
March 2021

Despite the enormous suffering fish endure, it can be difficult to encourage empathy with them. Off-land, unblinking, scaled and finned, it seems to require extra imagination for people to make a connection.

fish farms
A fish farmer feeds food pellets to red hybrid tilapia. The fish are raised in floating fish pens at a farm by a river in Thailand. Image: Mako Kurokawa / Sinergia Animal / We Animals Media

In partnership with Sinergia Animal we have just concluded one of our largest investigations, exposing the cruelty at Thai fish farms and markets. We now have hundreds more photos and video clips available that lay bare the reality of farming fish for food.

Red hybrid tilapia gorge on homemade formulated food pellets on the surface of the murky water of a floating pen at a fish farm. 


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