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Let the Church condemn such barbaric cruelty

What a terrible tragedy to read in the national press that an English woman, Vicki Moore, has been so horribly injured in Spain by the very creature she was trying to help.

How ironic that while videoing the cruelty to bulls at the fiesta in the Spanish village of Coria she should be gored by a bull which had been deliberately tormented as part of the entertainment at a small village fiesta.

Vicki has been tireless in highlighting and exposing the abominable cruelty inflicted on animals as part of so called religious fiestas and we must all pray for her and her family at this worrying time.

How can the Catholic Church continue to sanction such barbaric disregard to God's creatures in the name of Christianity?

As a convert to the Catholic faith, I read in horror at the way innocent animals are now being subjected to the same sort of cruelty that was once endured by the early Christians in Rome - all in the name of entertainment.

Such barbarism is an absolute outrage and puts the Church to shame.

We must just now hope and pray that poor Vicki will soon be on the mend and that this tragic accident will make the villagers of Coria and above all the Catholic Church, stop and think about our responsibility to God's creation and how we should treat animals.

Wanda Oberman

Catholic Times

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