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Wrong Thinking Ruins Health

By: John McDougall M.D.

Even though all the scientific knowledge accumulated over the past 100 years clearly shows our bodies were designed to live best on a diet lower in protein than dictated by common belief, we continue on the same disastrous dietary path. As Russell Henry Chittenden explained 100 years ago, “The poorer man emulates his richer neighbors as soon as his circumstances permit, and resources that could be much more advantageously expended for the good of the family and the home are practically wasted – to say nothing of possible injury to health – under the mistaken idea that this more generous method of living (a high-protein, high-meat diet) is the surest road to health and strength.”[2] Dr. Chittenden also believed that knowledge and the truth would prevail. He wrote, “Habit and sentiment play such a part in our lives that it is too much to expect any sudden change in custom. By a proper education commenced early in life it may, however, be possible to establish new standards, which in time may prevail and eventually lead to more enlightened methods of living...” The past century of declining health for people living in developed countries has proved Chittenden wrong – so far. However, with widespread communication via the Internet his predictions may soon become reality.

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