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Be a Soy Boy: Three Reasons Soy is Healthy for Men

From Vince Tucker, MVLCE, MainStreetVegan.com
October 2022

There is no evidence that phytoestrogens have any adverse effect on male reproductive health or otherwise anatomically feminize men. By contrast, meat and daeat and dairy, with their substantial amounts of both naturally occurring mammalian estrogen and industry-induced progesterone, both increase estrogen levels and decrease testosterone levels in men.

soy and tofu

The pejorative label of soy boy is often used to describe men who lack stereotypical masculine qualities. Recently, this term was made popular to describe men who support feminism, multi-culturalism, environmentalism, and sometimes animal rights—putting forth narratives that such men are “soft and delicate.”

When examined scientifically, however, being a literal soy boy is actually something to strive for. The latest research exposes the relative nutritional ignorance of those who use this derogatory term. Heck, even Men’s Health magazine is getting on the tofu bandwagon![1]

As a self-identified dietary soy boy, here are three reasons why all men might want to take another look at soy.


  1. Soy Reduces the Risk of Heart Disease and Cancer
  2. Soy Provides a Robust Amino Acid Profile
  3. Soy Does Not Feminize Men


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