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From T Stokes

The big news on British TV of February 5th 2008 was that substantially higher levels of Fluoride would be added to drinking tap water.

The claim is that Fluoride helps prevent tooth decay.

Both the Chlorine and Fluoride added to our water, are well known thyroid disrupters, which among other things encourages weight gain, but there is disagreement among experts about how damaging they really are, Green Peace have had an educational pamphlet running for over 10 years on the dangers.

Recent cases in Britain have mentioned Fluoride poisoning with a girl aged 3 who was starting her periods, and a 5 year old who had to shave under arms and between her legs.

There are over 30 groups of pesticides deliberately added to food and water, and several growth promoters fed to animals which go through the food chain and then cause obesity to humans, plus toxic industrial and environmental pollutants, and among the worst are PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls) from the air and rainwater, but the Fluoride added to tap water, is actually a waste by-product discovered during the Manhattan Project, the Atom bomb that ended W. W. II. Before the spies sold it to Russia and later to Israel.

Countless numbers of people in Britain use various water filters, when you change these filters, you can see just how much toxins these filters do remove.

Tests on animals have shown extra vitamins and minerals have helped rid their bodies of organochlorides, and many experts give advice here.

The Royal Society of Chemistry claims that our drinking water is contaminated with potentially harmful chemicals as used in shampoos shower gels and perfumes, along with substances linked to cancers, and the contraceptive pill, which is feminizing men and is said by the Christian magazine, “Church Family” to be behind the huge escalation in current gay behavior.

Other chemicals found are Parabenz, a cosmetic preserver linked to breast cancers.

Phthalates, a group of 120 industrial chemicals used in hair products, again linked to problems in men’s reproductive areas.

Anti-depressants, Anti-cancer drugs and Analgesics, are found in minute quantities among drinking water samples, according to expert Dr. Geoff Hardy, along with metallic contamination from lead and copper pipes. [Copper pipe contamination only occurs when the water is acidic; otherwise copper piping is safe.]

Both heavy metals, Campylobacter and Cryptospiridium, are unharmed by Chlorine, and are said by some experts to be mainly carried in the water supplies.

Dentists generally, tell us that fluoride is safe, but these are people who put Mercury in our teeth, one of the most toxic elements on the planet, so can they be trusted?

The British government has a very shabby history with the truth, and only now is being forced through the courts to come clean about the Camelford tragedy.

This long denied by the authorities, was where 20 tons of Aluminum Sulphate was poured into the drinking water supplies, people turned colour, had their mouths and internals burnt, there was severe nausea and vomiting, and deaths occurred, yet the water people for 5 days said the water was safe to drink, and the Dept. of Health official, Michael Waring wrote to every doctor in Cornwall and said there would be no lasting effects.

The water authorities tell us that the population figures for Britain have doubled over 8 years, yet they still have to cope with outdated figures for infrastructure, capacity and supply, so mistakes occasionally will happen without more funding.

Here are some simple guidelines, more info is available from your own local alternative clinic.

Replace copper pipe with lead soldered joints, and lead inlet pipes, run the tap first thing in the morning to clear what has been standing overnight, and use a good filter, the filter jugs are cheap and remove so much that is harmful, alternatively, buy bottled. [In the US, several bottled water companies have admitted that they also use tap water.]

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