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From Robert Cohen,

The dairy industry is chock full of nuts. The nuts? Chocolate milk lovers.

And dairy folk would have you believe that chocolate milk is the perfect drink for athletes. They make this claim through milk mustache ads which are included in major magazines along with supporting chocolate milk propaganda articles which appear as a result of dairy-funded ad revenue.

The May 18th issue of the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition researched the "Effects of chocolate milk consumption on markers of muscle recovery following soccer training" - J Int Soc Sports Nutr. 2010 May 18;7(1):19).

Researchers (Gilson SF, Saunders MJ, et. al) tested soccer players who participated in intense exercise routines and then drank either chocolate milk or anon-dairy chocolate sports drink and concluded:

"No treatment differences were observed for the performance tests. Post-exercise chocolate milk provided similar muscle recovery responses to an isocaloric (non-dairy chocolate) beverage during four-days of intense training duration."

While measuring the claims of the dairy industry against real scientific studies, take note of how many baseball players drink chocolate milk in the dugout, or how many basketball players drink chocolate milk during this week's NBA finals, or how many football players drink chocolate milk during this summer's grueling summer workouts and pre-season games. Marathon runners? Triathletes? Sprint canoeists?

Like Diogenes seeking just one honest man, help me to find even one professional athlete who believes the dairy-funded hype that chocolate milk aids his or her performance during competition.

Just one.

The dairy industry is clearly chock full of nuts if they expect you to believe their lies.

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