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From Robert Cohen

Happy day #2 of the New Year! [2006] Many Americans have already broken their first New Year's resolution. It does not have to be a down ride for the next 364 days. For those who want so much to break the chemical addiction to milk opiates (casomorphins), let's start all over, ok? Can you keep the most important pledge of your life for just seven days at a time?

Here is a resolution that all humans should make for 2006: No Drinking Milk From Other Mammals.

Detox From Milk Hormones in Just Seven Days

That is your challenge and goal, for during that seven day period of abstaining from all milk and dairy, one gallon of mucus will be expelled from your kidneys, spleen, pancreas, and other internal organs. If you still eat cheese, ice cream, milk chocolate, and yogurt, your one-week experience will be as if an internal fog has been dispersed from inside of you.

Most people successfully weaning themselves from all milk and dairy products immediately observe dramatic physical and emotional changes. Better sleep, more energy, fewer mood swings, more sexual energy. Just seven days to a new you.

Take the challenge. Your body will thank you. So will those who care most about you.

If you are daring enough, or doubting enough to think that your new feelings are mere coincidence, plan a pizza party with ice cream for dessert after your seven day milk-fast. Remember the good and bad feelings, for in 15 hours after your dairy feast, the famine of bad feelings returns.

During 2006, say "Notmilk!" when you are exposed to every obscene "Got Milk?" ad.

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