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From Christina Pirello on

Vote with your fork and tell all these pirates that we are stronger than their seductive marketing and we want to eat real food, not the chemical concoctions they sell that masquerade as dinner. We won't eat fried animal parts wrapped around cheese and more fried animal parts. And we won't eat dinner in a bucket, pink or any other color.

Haven't we had enough yet? I guess the test marketing KFC did for their 'Double Down' monstrosity was a hit because now it's available all over the U.S. with a national ad campaign. Lucky us. One minute they are teaming up with the money whores at Susan G. Komen to help cure breast cancer by donating money from pink buckets of chicken (what a joke), and the next, they are introducing a sandwich so unhealthy that it could worsen heart disease and obesity statistics all on its own! Are they kidding? But more important, are we going to fall for even more of their poison?

KFC is to food what Glenn Beck is to truth and it's about time we woke up and saw that. Their insidious ad campaigns always show the healthiest, fittest and most vibrant people eating their unhealthy fare. Truth is, if you hang out at a KFC and take a good look at the customers, they will hardly resemble the clear-eyed models in the ads.

'So meaty, there's no room for a bun' heralds their website. Just what America needs: more meat to clog our rapidly hardening arteries. Wrapped around bacon and Monterey Jack cheese, this atrocity is a heart attack on a plate!

At a time when our country is fighting a losing battle with obesity, Type 2 diabetes and heart disease, what is KFC thinking? It's not like they need the money. With all their chicken options already on the menu (more than 35) and exceeding $5 billion in annual sales domestically, do they really need to add another item designed to make more profit on stealing the health of America?

But wait! There are two versions of the 'Double Down' to choose from...original fried chicken and the healthier (and I use the term loosely) grilled version. The nutritional facts are staggering with 540 (original) or 460 (grilled) calories, 32 and 23 grams of fat and 1380 and 1430 milligrams of sodium (respectively). You have to wonder why the 'healthier' grilled version has more sodium, but hey, it's KFC. The kindly old Colonel wouldn't make food that's not good for us, right? KFC only cooks homey Southern fried comfort food, just like Paula Deen! Do they believe the one house salad without chicken they sell erases the karma they have created?

'Don't feed your hunger; crush it' goes the tag line for this new atrocity from KFC. Your hunger won't be the only thing crushed. Your health will be positively trampled.

But you know KFC isn't the only chain to sell us out, to lead us down the path of poor health that keeps pharmaceutical companies thriving, our healthcare system groaning under the weight of our infirmary and us bloated and sick. McDonalds' sells frappes that have 480 calories, 189 of them from fat. And that's for a small! Burger King's heart stopping 'Tendercrisp' chicken sandwich has 800 calories and 46 grams of fat.

The fast food chains seem to be in competition to see who can kill us first, fastest and with the most misery. And we just trudge along, under the Golden Arches, into the Olive Garden to chow down on food that is making us fat and sick. I know, I know, we have free choice.

We hear it on the news every day. Every expert tells us to eat whole grains, vegetables and fruit. But then they sell us out. Even Dr. Oz, (for whom I have the greatest respect and admiration). When he hit the airwaves on Oprah, he talked about ridding our diets of saturated fats as the only path to vibrant health and to prevent disease. I was so excited to see someone with his credentials telling the truth.

Now, a star with his own show, he has to keep advertisers happy, I guess. So I shouldn't be surprised to see his new double-page spread in AARP magazine telling America the same old tired advice: skinless chicken, low-fat milk and cottage cheese as a part of his six-month plan for healthy living. What happened to the Dr. Oz who told America to eat whole grains, like quinoa and to take saturated fats out of our diets for health; to eat nuts and avocadoes for the healthy fats we need? Where has that renegade pioneer of health gone? While he still dispenses a lot of good, sound advice, I wish he would stick to his guns and continue to tell the truth about what's in the food we are eating and what it's doing to our collective health.

It's no wonder we are confused and eating has become so complicated.

America is a country of free choice and free enterprise. We can make what we like, sell what we like, say what we like. But we don't have to buy what they are selling. What will it take for us to choose health instead of accepting the artery-clogging poison being peddled by every fast food chain and most celebrity chefs? Sure, you can get more calories of junk food than broccoli for every dollar you spend.

Sure, you can feed your family more cheaply on junk food. And no, these companies have no restrictions on what they develop and sell to us (nor should they in a free society). And no, they have no conscience. They do not care for one minute about your family or you. They do not care that they peddle food laced with hormones, steroids, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and other toxins, as long as they can produce it on the cheap and make more money. And they pass it on to you. It's poorly manufactured, heavily seasoned to trick your taste buds into thinking it's food.

But it's not. It's toxic and will rob you and future generations of our birthright: vibrant health and wellness. We are a country of smart, beautiful people. We deserve the best from the people that produce and sell food. It's time to take back our health. Vote with your fork and tell all these pirates that we are stronger than their seductive marketing and we want to eat real food, not the chemical concoctions they sell that masquerade as dinner. We won't eat fried animal parts wrapped around cheese and more fried animal parts. And we won't eat dinner in a bucket, pink or any other color.

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