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From T Stokes

Investigative reports by the Philadelphia Enquirer, have revealed the disturbing facts that most leading patient health groups have very close multi million dollar links with the International drug cartels.

They name 6 bodies who received 29 million dollars including the Arthritis foundation and the national gaucher foundation, this means these bodies cannot be impartial, one wonder what was given in exchange?

All doctor’s magazines are sent free, again paid for by the advertisements from the drug companies.

Doctors can sell their soul by claiming a set fee of £600 for a written endorsement for allopathic medication, which consists largely of just chemical tablets.

General Practitioners prescribe certain drugs, which benefit the practitioner - not the patient, and there is a sliding scale of rewards from the pharmaceutical companies for brand loyalty.

The British Medical Journal says allopathic medication kills 5000 people in Britain annually, and costs the NHS £466 million a year, and the U.S.A. say 1 in 4 occupants of hospital beds are there from medical incompetence.

My objection is that the enormous power these multi nationals have, and the recent news leaked in Britain from disgruntled intelligence agents, tell of New Labour government cabinet members taking huge bribes from the drug cartels, this does not inspire confidence.

These self interest groups constantly besmirch all the complementary and alternative therapies, the powerful American Evangelical Alliance, support and assist the drug companies in their aim to ban all alternative products, their claim is that they are “Anti-Christian “ ?

Yet this same group claims it can cure gays, by swimming them with dolphins !

Swimming with dolphins is about as New Age as it comes.

Various antagonistic articles planted in the British press condemning osteopathy, aromatherapy, acupuncture, astrology and particularly homeopathy, by anonymous

“ science correspondents” or “ staff medical writer” these show an underhand practise I saw perfected regularly by the K.G.B. during the cold war.

This too is a war, a war on our human rights to choose our own treatments, and after the ban on all alternative therapies, comes stage two,

The banning of what is referred to as “ mediumistic practises “ this is everything from psychic readings, channelling, meditation, yoga and spiritual healing,

While recognising there should be proper training and certification to practise for all those who do psychic readings, the public must be free to make up its own mind free from the influences and propaganda of the Christian extremists and multi-national drug companies.

T Stokes

Copyright 2006

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