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Robert Cohen

A review of the current literature (as published by Medline through November 30, 2005) reveals that there are 594 new scientific studies related to diabetes. Hundreds of different conclusions and hundreds of different theories.

No wonder there is so much confusion. No person can keep up with it all. Study number one was published in the European Journal of Pediatrics (Oct 7;:1-6) and the researcher's conclusion (and study title) is:

"Absence of breast-feeding is associated with the risk of type 1 diabetes: a case-control study in a population with rapidly increasing incidence."


So, it seems that breastfeeding protects a child from getting diabetes, while the absence of breastfeeding increases the incidence of diabetes. The scientists suppose that there is a "magic substance" in human breast milk that does the trick, but consider this.

If mom selects an option to nurture her own child other than her own breast milk, what does she select?

Walnut milk? I don't think so.

Orange juice? Milk of Magnesia? Uh, uh.

Most moms rely upon milk from dairy cows, and herein is the problem.

Consider this study published in The Lancet on December 14, 1996:

"Cow's milk proteins are unique in one respect: in industrialized countries they are the first foreign proteins entering the infant gut, since most formulations for babies are cow milk-based. The first pilot stage of our IDD prevention study found that oral exposure to dairy milk proteins in infancy resulted in both cellular and immune response...this suggests the possible importance of the gut immune system to the pathogenesis of IDD."

Four years earlier (July 30, 1992), the New England Journal of Medicine reported:

"Studies have suggested that bovine serum albumin is the milk protein responsible for the onset of diabetes... Patients with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus produce antibodies to cow milk proteins that participate in the development of islet dysfunction... Taken as a whole, our findings suggest that an active response in patients with IDDM (to the bovine protein) is a feature of the autoimmune response."

So...when it comes to identifying the etiology of diabetes, consider that it's not what you eat that becomes the key factor in protection, but it's what you don't eat that can make the difference.

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