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From Michael Greger, M.D.

Up to 50% of menstruating women have endometriosis,[1] a condition that can result in excruciating chronic pain and infertility. The only cure is radical surgery. And no one even knows exactly what causes it, or even clearly what the risk factors are.[2] A new study just published, though, offers some insight into the development of this disease.

Studying hundreds of women with confirmed endometriosis, Italian researchers found that those eating just one daily serving of meat (beef or pork--poultry was not studied) seemed to double their risk of developing endometriosis. Eating fresh fruit, on the other hand, seemed to drop their risk 20% and eating just a single serving of green vegetables every day may cut your risk of developing endometriosis in half!

So to help prevent this painful condition, women may want to eat more greens and less beings.


1 American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology 129(1977):245

2 Postgraduate Medicine 107(2000)

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