Hog Farmer Switches to Vegan Diet after Battling Cancer
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From Mercy for Animals

Fred Leman, a 53-year-old hog farmer from central Illinois, went vegan after a sobering cancer diagnosis last year. Leman used to believe he needed protein from meat to maintain his strength, and accordingly used to eat meat at nearly every meal. New insights into the connection between diet and disease, however, led him to adopt a diet free of animal products. He now gets his protein from nuts and vegetables and says he has more energy. "Before," he says, "I ate supper and I'd nap for an hour."

His wife, Brenda, a licensed practical nurse and certified health coach, acknowledges that her husband's new diet is not a "cure-all," but asserts that the typical American diet is too heavy on protein. "Too much protein," she adds, "creates an acidic body that leads to inflammation," which research suggests in turn leads to arthritis, cardiac problems, asthma and cancer.

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