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From Robert Cohen,

"Listeria organisms excreted in cow's milk escaped pasteurization, grew well at refrigerator temperatures, and were ingested by consumers."- New England Journal of Medicine, 1985

On Saturday (November 28, 2010), Saputo Cheese pulled their dairy products from supermarkets. At the same time, Whole Foods stores have pulled cheddar cheeses from their markets.

Why? Got Listeria?

Should you eat listeria-infected cheese, it can take 45 days for those bacterium to make you very ill. So, sometime between Christmas and until up to two weeks after New Year's  day, here are the symptoms you might experience, according to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA):

Listeria contaminated foods may cause listeriosis, a disease that usually causes mild flu-like symptoms in healthy individuals; however in immune-compromised individuals, meningitis and blood poisoning can occur. Pregnant women are also considered a high-risk group, as listeriosis can also result in stillbirths.

You will neither see nor taste the tiny listeria bacterium. Listeria is colorless and odorless to human senses. Do you imagine that six weeks after eating tainted cheese from tainted milk, you will make the connection from one potentially lethal meal?

The solution?

Come to terms with the following: Traces of listeria or salmonella or E. coli is the rule when it comes to milk and not the exception. The Food and Drug Administration has set a policy of allowing 19,000 germ cells of dangerous bacteria which come from cow colons in each liter of milk which you will consume if you've not yet eliminated that disgusting food group from your diet?

Why do they do this?

Because if they were to ban these bacteria, they would have to immediately recall 9-million dairy cows and end the dairy industry.

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