A Bug and a Bird: COVID and the State of Our Planet
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From Marc Bekoff, Psychology Today / Animal Emotions
November 2020

The horrific pandemic is the canary in the coal mine —"a desperate cry from the suffering natural world"— a call to end global ecocide in a period some call "The Great Dying."

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A tale of two species: A virus and a canary

"We live in a time that may in the future be called The Great Dying." —David Johns, "Conservation Science Shouldn't Be All About Us"

It's my pleasure to offer this interview with conservation activist, political scientist, lawyer, and strategist Dr. David Johns about the invaluable and forward-looking essays in his book Conservation Politics: The Last Anti-Colonial Battle.1 His words are an excellent sequel to two previous pieces about the perils of human-centered conservation, Do Individual Wolves Care If Their Species Is on the Brink? and The Personal Side of Extinction: The Case of Orca Scarlet.

Why did you write Conservation Politics?

We live in a time that may in the future be called The Great Dying. Many of the world’s forests are gone, replaced by tree farms. Some creatures are gone forever, extinguished by an explosion of human population and consumption, roads and dams and toxic chemicals. Almost 70 percent of the world’s vertebrate populations have been snuffed out in the last two human generations, as we have stolen their homes, taken their lives, paved over their food or converted it to our food, eaten them, caused disease, and spread plastic everywhere. With a mixture of intention, thoughtlessness, self-absorption, and clumsiness, human societies have brought about this great loss. There are some people, of course, who are awake, who feel the outrage and sadness, and have acted to save our covoyagers and their livelihoods. 


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