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January 2013

Dairy Lowlights from Forbes Magazine

Failure is success if we learn from it.
- Malcolm Forbes

Five days from now, during the second quarter of Sunday's Super Bowl football game, we will be shown a new silly dairy ad promoting milk consumption.

Year after year of such absurd ads has resulted in a lack of respect translated into less milk consumed by Americans. Clearly, the dairy industry has learned nothing.

How the Milk Industry Went Sour, and  What Every Business Can Learn From It Forbes January 4, 2013 By Hank Cardello

Demand for milk has been in a free fall for decades. U.S. milk consumption has dropped 36% since the 1970s."

Rising milk prices, health advocates who questioned milk's calories and nutritional value, and activists concerned about bovine hormones further soured sales.

In response to competitors that are draining away their business, milk prod'cers have clung stubbornly to their 'Got Milk?' campaign, a failed attempt to make milk drinking hip. They've clung to their 'Real' badge while deriding highly popular soy milk and other milk-like products as 'imitation milk.'

Health advocates questioning milk's nutritional value? Activists concerned about bovine hormones? Deriding 'Got milk ads'?

Who's Forbes referring to?

The Dairy Industry has amalgamated with the National Football League to betray its young fans. Like previous television milk ads, this is a paid union which will result in no good.

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