Eating Our Way To The Next Pandemic?
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October 2021

It is vital to examine the root causes of the pandemic – and pandemics in general – if we are to minimize the risk of potentially far more damaging outbreaks in the future.

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Proveg, a “food awareness organization” with a global scope, have posted a comprehensive report showing clear links between modern animal agriculture and pandemics. As they show, many of our modern farming practices are directly increasings our odds of suffering another pandemic in our lifetimes. While many might worry that an organization called ‘ProVeg’ might be pushing a vegan agenda, they provide volumes of evidence to back up their claims. The report contains 465 references, most of which are peer reviewed scientific articles from research groups at universities around the world. In this summary, we break down the key need-to-knows from the report.

The Threat Of Disease From Animals

The report begins by pointing out that the current consensus among scientists is that COVID-19 came from wild animals. The disease hopped from species to species until it got to us, possibly jumping from bats to pangolins, and then to us.


Please read the ENTIRE ARTICLE HERE (PDF): Eating Our Way To The Next Pandemic?

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