Which Came First, the Chicken or the Egg, or the Coronary?
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Robert Cohen, NotMilk.com
August 2015

The August issue of the peer-reviewed scientific journal, Atherosclerosis provides an extremely hard-boiled cloudy outlook for those who enjoy breakfast eggs sunny side up.

Korean researchers examined the association between egg consumption and sub-clinical coronary atherosclerosis of 23,417 adult men and women without a previous history of cardiovascular disease from 2011 through 2013.

After reviewing the data, the scientists concluded:

Egg consumption was associated with an increased prevalence of sub-clinical coronary atherosclerosis and with a greater degree of coronary calcification in asymptomatic Korean adults.

The association was particularly pronounced among individuals
with low vegetable intake... 

The Korean doctors offer no theory as to why this occurs, as Researchers often do. Notmilk offers this explanation:

The center atom of the amino acids methionine and cysteine is sulfur. One 100-gram portion of apples contains 0.001 gms of sulfur-based methionine. One 100-gram portion of hard boiled eggs contains 0.392 grams of methionine.

Methionone and cycteine are converted in the liver to produce homocysteine which Dr. William Castelli (lead researcher of America's longest ongoing cardiovascular study, the Framingham Heart Study) considers to be the key factor in the etiology of strokes and heart attacks.

The worst foods to eat (the highest levels of sulfur) are chicken and eggs. One must neutralize the resulting acid. To do so, calcium is leached from where it is stored: in the skeletal system. For this reason, those living in meat-eating nations also experience the highest rates of cancer and bone disease.

Each delicious egg contributes to a repulsively fowl body, becoming increasingly sicker. Enjoy eggs and there is no returning to good health.

Lovers of chicken ova have presumably been left with egg on their faces while nutritionists promoting eggs seem to have laid a big one themselves. Let them eat custard.

We are not encouraged, on a daily basis, to pay careful attention
to the animals we eat. On the contrary, the meat, dairy, and egg
industries all actively encourage us to give thought to our own
immediate interest (taste, for example, or cheap food) but not to
the real suffering involved. They do so by deliberately withholding
information and by cynically presenting us with idealized images of
happy animals in beautiful landscapes, scenes of bucolic happiness
that do not correspond to anything in the real world. The animals
involved suffer agony because of our ignorance. The least we owe
them is to lessen that ignorance.

- Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson

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