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From Heidi Stephenson
June 2020

Covid 19 is directly linked to killing and eating animals.


Question: What do all these links have in common?

Answer: Animal killing and flesh-eating.

When first cases of Covid-19 were confirmed in China and where it came from - Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market

Coronavirus: China’s farmers offered buy-out to grow plants instead of breeding wild species in clampdown

Indonesia markets continue to sell reptiles, rabbits and birds in filthy cages despite coronavirus

Reports: China's first COVID-19 patient not linked to seafood market

Covid-19: KFC denies viral claim that its poultry supply comes from a Pedas processing plant where staff have allegedly tested positive

Virus cases surge among the young, endangering older adults

Tell Health Officials to Shut Down Filthy NYC Live-Animal Markets

Live animal markets in New York City: a cut-throat business at best

Why are so many people dying of COVID-19 in New York City?

‘Why weren’t we told?’: Anger in Yorkshire town at centre of major coronavirus outbreak kept secret by council

Germany coronavirus panic: Huge spike in cases linked to meat factory - hundreds hit

Corona-Gau in the case of Tönnies: hundreds of Infected case has consequences for the German meat market

The meat industry will be completely gone in 15 years, Impossible Foods CEO says 

Covid 19 is directly linked to killing and eating animals. It’s high time we humans wake up, stop all our killing, (over 150 billion fellow beings lose their lives every year at our hands,) become vegan, (no hardship at all these days,) and finally embrace being human KIND – for the sake of all our suffering victims, the planet’s future, our children’s future, in the interests of sustainability - and for the sake of human health too.

We have manifested, and are daily manifesting, hell on earth for our non-human brothers and sisters. Our terrible treatment of them – and they are individuated, gendered, social, relational beings absolutely no less than we are, highly sentient and fully sapient, (though we delude ourselves that they are not, in order to continue our mass exploitation, and alleviate our guilt about their enslavement, torture and murder) - is at the root of this global pandemic, which has already killed hundreds of thousands of humans too.

Would any of us want to suffer as they do? Or see our children suffer like they do? No.

Until we stop killing and eating the violently slaughtered, dead bodies of other – terrified, cortisol-filled species, until we stop eating corpses, we will continue to 'pay the price.' Covid 19 is our carnal karma - and a final, wake-up call. 

"The great plague of the maritime city will not cease until there be avenged the bloody deaths of the righteous ones, condemned for a price, without crime.” (Nostradamus)

Animals Slaughtered For Food Every Second

How Many Animals Do You Save Every Day as a Vegan?

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