Get Real with Greek Yogurt, Cow Estrogen and Breast Cancer
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January 2015

Every sip of cow's milk contains 59 different bioactive hormones including estrogen, according to endocrinologist Clark Grosvenor in the Journal of Endocrine Reviews in 1992.
Eat dairy and you ingest estrogen and other hormones.

"Making teenagers depressed is like shooting fish in a barrel."
 - Bart Simpson

Today's column will depress teenagers who Virtually enjoy just two food groups; pizza and Greek yogurt.
This column is dedicated to Julia Kadison, innovative director of the dairy industry's new multi-million dollar 'Get Real' Campaign - [email protected]
Traditionally, Notmilk columns are for everyone. Today's column is an exception. Today's Notmilk news is primarily for that majority of homo sapiens who will one day grow up and have breasts, otherwise known as women.
The January 28, 2015 issue of Cancer Letters included this scholarly paper from two University of Minnesota investigators:   
"Estrogen metabolism and breast cancer"
Epidemiologists wrote:

"There is currently accumulating evidence that endogenous estrogens play a critical role  in the development of breast cancer. Estrogens and their metabolites have been studied in both pre- and postmenopausal women with more consistent results shown in the latter population, in part because of large hormonal variations during the menstrual cycle and far fewer studies having been performed in premenopausal women. In this review we describe in detail estrogen metabolism and associated genetic variations, and provide a critical review of the current literature regarding the role of estrogens and their metabolites in breast cancer risk."

In her entire lifetime, the average human female manufactures only the equivalent of one-half tablespoon of estrogen, so that billionths of a gram are required to exert powerful behavioral and physiological effects. Generating a lot of estrogen in her youth is appropriate, but excess estrogen in middle and advanced age can become a woman's worst nightmare.
There are two major ways women get "exogenous" estrogen. The first is through hormone replacement therapy. Do estrogens from four-legged mammals work on the evolved two-legged variety?
Estrogen-rich horse urine in a Premarin pill is often prescribed for women who experience hot flashes as they transition into menopause. Premarin stands for Pregnant Mare Urine.
There is a second way for women (and girly-boys) to receive exogenous estrogen. That's from Greek Yogurt and cow's milk.
Every sip of cow's milk contains 59 different bioactive hormones including estrogen, according to endocrinologist Clark Grosvenor in the Journal of Endocrine Reviews in 1992.
Eat dairy and you ingest estrogen and other hormones.
Grosvenor also found that cow's milk contains IGF-1.
As you take the dairy industry's 2015 suggestion to 'Get Real' about milk, you are urged to reconsider Notmilk's milk-hormone advice:
"Human Insulin-like growth factor (IGF-I) and bovine IGF-I are identical. Both contain 70 amino acids in the identical sequence."
- Judith C. Juskevich and C. Greg Guyer. SCIENCE, vol. 249. August 24, 1990.
"IGF-I is critically involved in the aberrant growth  of human breast cancer cells."
- M. Lippman. J. Natl. Inst. Health Res., 1991, 3.
"Estrogen regulation of IGF-I in breast cancer cells would support the hypothesis that IGF-I has a regulatory  function in breast cancer."
 - A.V. Lee, Mol-Cell- Endocrinol., March, 99(2).
"IGF-I is a potent growth factor for cellular proliferation in the human breast carcinoma cell line."
- J.C. Chen, J-Cell-Physiol., January, 1994, 158(1)
"Insulin-like growth factors are key factors for breast cancer growth."
 - J.A. Figueroa, J-Cell-Physiol., Nov., 1993, 157(2)
"IGF-I produces a 10-fold increase in RNA levels of cancer cells. IGF-I appears to be a critical component in cellular proliferation."
- X.S. Li, Exp-Cell-Res., March, 1994, 211(1)
"IGF-I plays a major role in human breast cancer cell growth."
- E.A. Musgrove, Eur-J-Cancer, 29A (16), 1993
"IGF-I has been identified as a key factor in breast cancer."
- Hankinson. The Lancet, vol. 351. May 9, 1998
"Serum IGF-I levels increased significantly in milk drinkers, an increase of about 10% above baseline but was unchanged in the control group."
- Robert P. Heaney, Journal of the American Dietetic Association, vol. 99, no. 10. October 1999
"IGF-1 accelerates the growth of breast cancer cells."
- M. Lippman Science, Vol. 259, January 29, 1993
Notmilk hopes that you do not become a graduate of dairy's 'third degree' by replacing your primary degree with a painfully-earned tombstone.
Be cautious about taking advice from doctors who rarely take nutrition classes in medical school. The dairy industry has learned the ease it takes, and how relatively little money is required to purchase ignorant opinions. 

"I've told my children that when I die, to release balloons in the sky to celebrate that I  graduated. For me, death is a graduation.
- Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
"Remember, half the doctors in this country graduated in the bottom half of their class."
- Al McGuire

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