The Pointless Breast Cancer March to Self-Delusion Continues
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From Robert Cohen,
September 2011

[Ed. Note: Currently Yoplait yogurt advertisements are encouraging people to buy and consume their [DIARY] product and then "send in the lids" so a portion of Yoplait's profits can be granted to "breast cancer research." Most of the research is of course inflicted on hapless tortured animals and bears no resemblance to the damage dairy consumption does to humans. GO VEGAN!]

Science has already discovered and confirmed the key factor to ever single breast cancer that has ever grown in every breast cancer victim. Why then does the search for a cure continue when the cause is known?

The key factor to the growth of every breast cancer has been identified as the most powerful growth hormone in the human body, insulin-like growth factor, also known as IGF-I.

There are 4,700 (plus or minus) different mammals in the animal kingdom. There are hundreds of millions of different proteins and hormones in nature.

Only one is a duplicate match between two species. IGF-I in humans and cows is identical. Humans manufacture IGF-I and it is broken down or bound to receptors in less than a second. IGF-I in cow's milk is protected by fat molecules and casein so that it circulates and is not broken down and remains biologically active for up to 30 minutes.

Are you a gambler? Consider: The odds of there being one hormone identical between two species is a number so large that you could not write it during your lifetime. That number is greater than the total number of sub-atomic particles of matter in the universe.

Are you a gambler? Then buy your wife, girlfriend, sister, grandmother...a pizza and ice cream this weekend. The key to not getting breast cancer is prevention so that every gram of dairy protein is a lottery ticket and you do not want to win the big one.

Eat anything containing bovine IGF-I and you are a fool. Feed a loved one IGF-I and you plant a tiny ticking time bomb within their body.

The science? Refute this, ignorant doubters:

So the breast cancer marches continue.

Avon and the Komen organization grow wealthy, raising billions of your altruistic dollars while feeding race participants Yoplait yogurt. What better way is there for the pain and death to continue? Hundreds and thousands of upper-level breast cancer executives earning obscene six and seven figure salary and benefit packages based upon a system which continues at the expense of those they pretend to help.

The more sisters get breast cancer, the wealthier these organizations grow.

Go to Medline:

Set the past 30 days as your search parameter and type in the keywords: Breast Cancer.

1,262 studies. Thirty days.

The past year? 15,076 studies.

The past ten years, 114,471 studies.

The next ten? Another 114,471.

All pointless.

You have the answer.

Must I review the past 30 days and do I have a need to know that:

"Tumor-infiltrating myeloid cells induce tumor cell resistance to cytotoxic T cells in mice"

or what happens when there is:

"Interaction of Tamoxifen and noise-induced damage to the cochlea"

or should I pay special attention to:

"Interventions for sexual problems following treatment for breast cancer: a systematic review"


"Pre-clinical mouse models of primary and metastatic pleural cancers of the lung and breast and the use of bioluminescent imaging to monitor pleural tumor burden"

Pay attention, because I am not going to say this again (until perhaps tomorrow), but...

It's milk, stupid!

Meanwhile: There is a major Susan Komen breast cancer march in the New York area on Sunday, September 18th. Many close friends of mine are participating, which is a bit depressing. Perhaps they do not think much of my message. I doubt that they have even read it and consider me to be a madman. Please don't eat the free yogurt. The actual cost is an abomination.

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