Supersized Ban on Soda, but Not on Milkshakes?
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May 2012

This week, New York City's Mayor Michael Bloomberg proposed banning XL coffee drinks at Starbuck$, and XL-sugary sodas at fast food restaurants and Yankee Stadium. The Mayor is taking away the fun of spending $6.50 to help pay for A-Rod's $30 million 2012 salary. That's $185,000 per game; ain't that sweet! In 1969 whenI graduated from high school, a Yankee Stadium soda cost only 25 cents and we had no obesity epidemic.

Just for the record, Mr. Jewish Mayor...Your Jewish fans such as myself consider you meshuggah. Why?

A Supersized 32 ounce Coke contains 267 calories and 64.76 grams of sugar.

A Supersized 32 ounce vanilla milkshake contains almost four times as many calories (1,024) as the soda, and almost two and one-half times as much sugar (161 grams).

Growth Hormones: Soda contains zero growth hormones.

Milk and milkshakes contain the most powerful growth hormone known to science, IGF-I. Professional athletes caught taking that same growth hormone become suspended from their sport. Kids who take that same growth hormone and sit home on the couch, grow fat.

In 1969 when that soda at The Stadium cost 25 cents, the average American ate ten pounds of cheese per year. In 2012, the average American will eat 32 pounds of cheese.

Stop blaming soda and Starbuck$ Vente Lattes for obesity. By doing so, you're milking an obscene lie. 

Be fair. Do the math, and place the blame where it belongs. today, dairy (with natural growth hormones) represents 40 percent of the average American diet.

Aside to Mike: If you really care about the obesity epidemic, as the eleventh wealthiest American (worth $22 billion), how about putting some of your money where your dairy-supporting biased mouth is and join the Notmilk movement.

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