Meat - An Avalanche of Problems
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Food Hazards
in Animal Flesh and By-products
These are some of the reasons why we are vegans

No Poultry

No Dairy or Eggs

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Meat - An Avalanche of Problems

From European Vegetarian and Animal News Alliance (EVANA), June 2011


  • Escherichia coli outbreak in Germany: Shiga toxin-Producing Escherichia coli (STEC)
  • Tthis STEC outbreak is one of the largest described outbreaks of STEC/HUS worldwide and the largest ever reported in Germany.
  • Prevalence and pathogenicity of Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli in beef cattle and their products.
  • Meat - BSE - Superbug -- Latest headlines put spotlight on dangerous and unwanted ingredients in meat.
  • Superbug Suit: Groups Sue FDA Over Risky Use of Human Antibiotics in Animal Feed.
  • Meat and bowel cancer...experts recommend to cut down on beef, pork and lamb, and to avoid processed meats like bacon, ham, salami, and corned beef altogether.
  • PCRM's Dr. Barnard: "Processed meat is so strongly linked with colorectal cancer that no one should ever eat it."
  • Is the West exporting breast cancer to China?


  • USA: Just imagine 1.4 million gallons of water from chicken farm leaking into drinking water system! Daily!
  • Vegetarians, do you still have the guts to look at meat pictures? If so, you can learn how meat is being manipulated these days.
  • Soon factory farms for creepy-crawlies? The beetle-crunch-lunch at the drive-in? -- If FAO experts, who evidently have never heard of the benefits of vegetarianism, have their way, tomorrow we'll all be munching roasted creatures with six legs. … Bon appetit!
  • PCRM: Taxing America’s Health: Subsidies for Meat and Dairy Products.
  • FAO and Max Planck Institute take on species-swapping diseases -- Focus on interactions between wild animals, livestock, and human populations to reduce risks, strengthen responses.


Richard Schwartz (Jewish Vegetarians of North America): "At a time when almost a billion of the world’s people are chronically hungry, 70% of the grain produced in the US is fed to animals destined for slaughter."

No Beef-Lamb-Pork

No fish

Display this sign at the entrance to your home and business!