While Warning About Fat, U.S. Pushes Cheese Sales
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From Robert Cohen, NotMilk.com

On Sunday (November 7, 2010, a New York Times article linking obesity to dairy consumption hit the newswires... A writer at the Times paraphrased something I've been saying for fifteen years:

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In 1970, the per capita consumption of cheese in America was 10 pounds, while in 2010, it will exceed 33 pounds. Ten pounds of milk are required to make one pound of hard cheese. In 1970, that means 100 pounds of milk were consumed in the form of cheese, while this year 330 pounds of milk will be consumed in cheese form, and today's milk is different than the milk 40 years ago. Yesteryear's cows were smaller and produced fewer hormones, and today's cows are injected with genetically engineered hormones which result in hormone-rich lactate fluids.

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The New York Times article did not mention the fact that all dairy products naturally contains the most powerful growth hormone in all of nature. Imagine not making that connection???

Perhaps the Times article resulted in the following perhaps not. Beats me.

I cannot figure this one out...

Yesterday (November 8, 2010), the wholesale price for block cheese fell 7.5 cents per pound to close at $1.40. That represents a 5 percent drop.

Yesterday (November 5, 2010), the wholesale price for butter rose 12 cents per pound to close at $2.00. That represents a 6.4 percent increase.

Shows ya how little I know about the insanity of trading dairy commodity futures on the Chicago Mercantile Board...

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