Most Women Should NOT Breastfeed Their Infants
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May 2013

Heavens to Mergatroyd; the food is abdominable!
- Snagglepuss

Today's Notmilk column will become one of my most controversial.

Woman who are vegan should breastfeed their infants.

Women who are NOT vegan should NOT breastfeed their infants. Non-vegan woman manufacture breastmilk filled with toxic substances which they pass on to their nursing infants.

The May 11, 2013 issue of a peer-reviewed scientific journal called Biological Trace Element Research included a study which examined mercury (Hg) exposure and resulting oxidative stress in breast-fed infants.

Scientists took blood, urine, and breast milk samples from 155 healthy lactating mothers, and urine from their 155 infants. They found significant amounts of mercury in breast milk and determined that there is an "efficient transfer of mercury from blood to milk."

The researchers concluded:

These findings reveal for the first time lactational exposure to Hg-induced oxidative stress in breast-fed infants, which may play a role in pathogenesis, particularly during neurodevelopment.

The best food choice for a nursing human infant from a non-vegan mother would be milk from soy-based formulas.

In 1998, K.O. Klein of the Department of Clinical Science at the A.I. duPont Hospital for Children in Wilmington, Delaware, reported that soy-based infant formulas had been used for over 60 years and fed to millions of infants worldwide and studied in controlled research.

Klein reported (Nutrition Reviews 56: 193-204, 1998) that the medical literature provides:

...No evidence of endocrine effects in humans from infant consumption of modern soy-based formulas. Growth is normal and no changes in timing of puberty or in fertility rates have been reported in humans who consumed soy formula as infants.

The journal Pediatrics (124: 612-20, 1994) also published an earlier study reaching a similar conclusion.

Got seafood? Many supposedly smart women ignore expert advice regarding the consumption of seafood. Many pregnant women in the mistaken name of good health believe that ocean fish will provide a nurturing meal for themselves and their fetal infants. This advice from their doctors is swallowed hook, line, and stinker.

Concentrated doses of mercurial poisoning are then delivered to their developing infants.

Mercury emissions will continue to harm the environment and to endanger the health of children and pregnant women, until this Administration puts public health before politics. - Mark Dayton (Minnesota Governor)

Rather than wait for "the administration" to act, why not take matters into your own hands? For the health of both mother and child, Go Vegan!

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