COVID-19 and "The Next Big One": Spillover revisited
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From Merritt Clifton,
February 2021

It’s part of a sequence of related contingencies that stretches back into the past and will stretch forward into the future, as long as current circumstances persist. "So when you’re done worrying about this outbreak, worry about the next one. Or do something about the current circumstances."

Spillover: Animal Infections & The Next Human Pandemic

Science writer David Quammen saw COVID-19 coming

COVID-19, though renamed twice just in the first few months of 2020, “is not as novel as you might think,” explained veteran science writer David Quammen in the January 28, 2020 edition of The New York Times.

Quammen, 72, was uniquely positioned to comment, not only because he has been reporting about related issues for a lifetime, but as author of Spillover, an award-winning 2012 nonfiction bestseller subtitled Animal Infections & The Next Human Pandemic.

No need for mad scientists

Spillover could be said to have accurately prophesied the emergence of COVID-19, but might equally accurately be said to have accurately prophesied the MERS-COV scare of 2013, the Ebola virus scare of 2015, which was near peak when ANIMALS 24-7 reviewed the book, and many other zoonotic disease outbreaks which have crossed species barriers that were until recently believed to be impermeable, immutable, and unlikely ever to be violated––except by mad scientists tinkering in top-secret laboratories to develop the germ warfare equivalent of H-bombs.

Quammen in Spillover demonstrated that interspecies disease transmission is actually rather routine. In his New York Times essay, Quammen briefly reprised Spillover, explaining that the COVID-19 outbreak followed an increasingly well-beaten and familiar path....



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