Tainted Food Will Sicken 200,000 Americans Today
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From Robert Cohen, NotMilk.com

The Centers for Disease Control reports that 76 million Americans will develop illnesses after consuming bacteria in food this year. That's more than 200,000 per day. One thousand will be serious enough to be hospitalized today, while 14 of those people will die.

According to USDA food consumption data, forty percent of what the average American eats is dairy. Do the math.

This week, four people made news in Minnesota after drinking raw milk. One infant remains hospitalized in critical condition. Drinking raw milk is the latest craze! Craze, as in, ya gotta be crazed to drink body fluids from diseased animals.

Poisoned milk dealers lure parents into sickening their children by using an appealingly cute name: MOM.

MOM stands for Minnesota Organic Milk, which is the unpasteurized fecal drink sold by Hartman Dairy Farm in Gibbon, Minnesota.

Minnesota State health officials have identified the illness-causing bacterium in MOM: E. coli O157:H7.

Dr. Mercola is a dangerous co-conspirator by promoting raw milk. A Minnesota infant lies near death because that child's parents took health advice from an ignorant fool.

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