How About Goat's Milk?
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From Robert Cohen,

I get that question every time I lecture, and my first response is: "Ewwww."

My second response is: "Goat's milk is the perfect drink for...(I pause for effect) baby goats."

Nobody has ever asked, "How about raw goat's milk?"

I probably would react with a "gag" response, but last week's tragedy in Colorado would be the appropriate answer for those consider raw goat's milk to be a nutritious drink for people:


"More Sickened From Drinking Raw Goat's Milk"

"The number of people who got sick recently from drinking raw or unpasteurized milk has risen from 16 to 24, according to the Boulder County Health Department.

"Health officials believe the unpasteurized or raw milk from Billy Goat Dairy in Longmont may have been contaminated with E-coli. The dairy remains shutdown because of violations alleged by the Boulder County Health Dept.

"Two children were brought to Children's Hospital in Aurora. Only one was admitted. That child remains hospitalized.

"Billy Campbell, owner of the Billy Goat Dairy, said the milk really is good for his customers.

"This latest outbreak is not an isolated incident.

"In 2009, 81 people in Montrose got sick from drinking raw cow's milk, according to the Colorado Dept. of Public Health & Education." ______________________________________

Notmilk's advice?

Keep dogs pregnant and forever lactating. Use the female pups for future milkers. Kill the male pups and sell them to Koreans who enjoy the taste of dog.

Dogs are man's best friends, so it is only logical to assume that their milk must be the perfect drink for baby humans.

Beware of PETA activists seeking to infiltrate and film your operation.

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