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From Dr. Joel Fehrman, M.D.


Anything that rapidly takes away symptoms or makes you feel better is likely to be a health risk. Taking drugs for headache relief is fraught with long-term dangers and is not a permanent solution. The dietary style described in my book entitled, Eat To Live, is a vegetable-based diet designed to maximize nutrient per calorie density. It is the most effective treatment for those with headaches. Rather than offering temporary relief, it takes some time to work, but allows people to make an effective and permanent recovery from pain.

I have cared for hundreds of patients who have achieved total recoveries from migraines and recurrent severe headaches as a result of this nutritional program. Of course, no dietary approach to headaches will succeed without attention to other risk factors, especially sedentary lifestyle, smoking, and lack of sleep. The road to wellness involves making the commitment to regular exercise. My clear message is that headache sufferers can’t just “eat better”. They have to go all the way and commit to nutritional excellence. The added benefit of losing weight, protecting yourself against heart disease and cancer, and living longer is a large bonus of adopting this vegetable-based diet-style.

If you suffer with headaches do not despair. It will not be difficult to resolve your pain. Read Eat To Live first, and then join my membership support center. I want to make sure you get all the information you need to get started on the road to wellness, so you can’t possibly fail.

If your case is more severe and you are on daily medications to suppress headaches it would be wise to work with your physician to gradually reduce your prescribed dosage, after having read Eat To Live and committing to the dietary program, as described. Another option would be to call my office and set up a phone consultation. Together, we can work over the phone on a plan to gradually remove your dependency on drugs and solve your problem once and for all.

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