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From Stephen Augustine
2011 Presentation

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Why do Gorillas eat termites? If bears eat huckleberries where do they get their protein? What that might tell us about humans? What kind of an animal are humans? We have canines and therefore aren't we supposed to eat meat? Herbivores

Foregut fermentation (deer, sheep, bovines, camels, peccaries, hippos, kangaroos, colobine monkeys, langurs, some rodents, leaf-eating sloths) Hindgut fermentation (elephant, horse, guinea pig, rat, porcupine, beaver, rabbit, and some birds, including grouse)

Omnivores - primates, raccoons, bear, pigs, most canines, opossum Carnivores - cat family, some aquatic mammals, fish, and some birds Question: Do herbivores ever eat meat? See the PDF for lots more useful information!  

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