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From Robert Cohen

Soymilk detractors (Sally Fallon, Price Pottinger, Dr. Mercola, Soyonlineservice) would have you believe that it is better to boil babies in hot oil than serve them soymilk-based formula. Many people swallow that unhealthy propaganda from the same folks who receive their financing from dairy famers and promoting the consumption of raw milk.

A paper in the May 2004 issue of the Journal of Nutrition (May;134(5):1220S-4S) advises otherwise. After examining clinical evidence of the mechanisms of isoflavones and bioflavinoids contained in soymilk, scientists wrote:

"Soy protein has been used in infant feeding in the West for nearly 100 years. Soy protein infant formulas have evolved in this interval to become safe and effective alternatives for infants whose nutritional needs are not met with human milk or formulas based on cow's milk.

Modern soy formulas meet all nutritional requirements and safety standards of the Infant Formula Act of 1980."

Is soy formula safe for your child? The Journal Nutrition believes so. The article concludes:

"Available evidence from adult human and infant populations indicates that dietary isoflavones in soy infant formulas do not adversely affect human growth, development, or reproduction."


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