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From Michael Greger, M.D.

Last month [Oct 2003], a massive study of almost 150,000 people was published and found that those who reported they regularly took multivitamin supplements were less likely to be diagnosed a decade later with colon cancer.[1] Breaking down the various nutrients, it's thought that perhaps it was the increased calcium and vitamin D intake from supplements that was responsible for the reduced risk.[2] Note that dairy products were NOT found to be protective.   The Harvard School of Medicine recommends that everyone take a multivitamin (containing  vitamins B12, D, E, B6, and folate), although the Institute of Medicine has not made such a recommendation. If anyone isn't getting enough color or variety in their diet (like at least DAILY dark leafy greens) a multivitamin may be useful. I compare the pros and cons of all of the vegan multivitamins currently on the market in a handout on my website.


[1] American Journal of Epidemiology 158(2003):621.

[2] Cancer Causes Control 14(2003):1.

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