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From John McDougall, MD

Will the UMP Advertise that Dairy Is Simply Liquid Meat?

Red meat has become a “dirty word” when it comes to health. At the opposite end of the spectrum of opinions on food is cow’s milk – one of the world’s most trusted foods. Do you remember the “Basic Four Food Groups?” Dairy was usually placed first in this chart which was hung in every schoolroom (and by no coincidence the dairy industry also provided the chart). If you compare closely the nutritional make up of meat and dairy you will see why I call dairy products “liquid meats.”[64]


Ground Chuck

Cheddar Cheese


Whole Milk

  % of calories
from fat
68% 73% 49% 50%
  % of calories from protein 32% 25% 22% 21%
  % of calories from carbohydrates 0% 2% 29% 29%
  Fiber (grams) 0 0 0 0
  Cholesterol mg per 100 cal 22 27 21 22
  Vitamin C 0 0 0 0

Dairy products are deficient in iron and beef is deficient in calcium; both contain too little dietary fiber, essential fat (linoleic acid), and vitamin C and B3 (niacin) to meet human nutritional requirements.[64] Heavy consumption of either of these food groups – loaded with fat and cholesterol – will result in the diseases common to affluent societies, such as obesity, heart disease, strokes, type-2 diabetes and cancer, to name just a few serious problems.[65]

If a patient bargained with me, “I’ll give up only one of the first two food groups – meat or milk – in hopes of getting well,” my recommendation for almost all common health problems in Western society would be, “You’re likely to get the most benefits if you give up the dairy products.”

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