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From Robert Cohen,


"Autism is the fastest growing developmental disability in our nation." - Mary Bono

Notmilk has previously reported a dairy link to autism, blaming a naturally occurring opiate in dairy products, casomorphin (also found in organic milk and raw milk) to attention deficit order and autism. See:

I have been away from my home base for about 14 days, and before I left, four readers responded to a Notmilk column by asking:

"If ADHD and pesticides are linked, have there been recent peer-reviewed publications linking pesticides in milk to autism?" The 10/19 column:

I had not heard of one, but I investigated the issue.

Here is what was found:

The August, 2011 issue of the journal of Occupational and Behavioral Medicine included a study in which behavioral impairment in children was correlated to levels of excreted pesticide residues in their urine.

Researchers at the University of Florida (Xu, et. al.) determined that groups of children with low and high trichlorophenol levels and high trichlorophenol had a higher level of behavioral impairment than children who tested for levels below the limits of detection.

Trichlorophenol pesticides are presently not regulated by the Food and Drug Admistation. You can buy one metric ton for about $1,000 plus shipping directly to your door.

"Indeed, the largest contributors to daily intake of chlorinated insecticides are dairy products, meat, fish, and poultry." - Living Downstream, by Sandra Steingraber, Ph.D.

Consider: It's in the milk and 40% of our diet is dairy.
Consider: 10 Lbs. of milk are needed to make 1 Lb. of cheese.
Consider: 12 Lbs. of milk are needed to make 1 Lb. of ice cream.
Consider: 21 Lbs. of milk are needed to make 1 Lb. of butter.

Do you ever get a "brain fog?" If you continue to consume dairy, do you doubt that dairy affects adults in the same manner it might affect children, or do you imagine that age offers one an immunity from opiates and pesticides?

Children sometimes get autism.

Adults sometimes get "duh" moments.

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