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October 2011

The October 7th issue of the journal Nutrition, Metabolism & Cardiovascular Diseases contains a study in which the incidence of diabetes in vegetarians was studied in 41,387 people which
included 17.3 percent African Americans. That mention of African American subjects is important, as researchers at Loma Linda University determined a significant black/white difference in diabetes rates between races.

The study abstract reveals:

Participants were grouped as vegan, lacto ovo vegetarian, pesco vegetarian, semi-vegetarian or non-vegetarian (control group).

Cases of diabetes developed in 0.54% of vegans...
1.08% of lacto ovo vegetarians...
1.29% of pesco vegetarians...
and 2.12% of non-vegetarians..."

Blacks had an increased risk compared to non-Blacks.

The researchers concluded:

Vegetarian diets (vegan, lacto ovo, semi-) were associated with a substantial and independent reduction in diabetes incidence. In Blacks the dimension of the protection associated with vegetarian diets was as great as the excess risk associated
with Black ethnicity.

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