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From Robert Cohen,

True genius resides in the capacity for evaluation of uncertain, hazardous, and conflicting information. - Winston Churchill

School systems have been debating whether to ban chocolate milk from school lunch programs. This week, Santa Monica/Malibu school systems decided not to ban the key  contributing factor to America's obesity epidemic: chocolate milk.

Despite the fact that Los Angeles, California school systems have banned chocolate milk for the coming school year, Santa Monica/Malibu California school boards gave thumbs up to milk chocolate pus with hormones and glue, while Eugene Oregon gave thumbs down and banned chocolate milk.

This critical school issue should not revolve around sugar. The primary issue should be the natural presence of growth hormones in organic cow's milk. Should children be drinking a fluid containing the same exact hormone (IGF-1) which results in pro athletes being banned from their sports?

If a professional athlete is caught taking human growth hormones, he or she can be banned from competition or spend a season or two in jail where that athlete will receive complementary growth hormones three or more times each day just like the kids take in school cafeterias.

If a child takes growth hormones and works out as hard as a professional athlete, that young person will grow large muscles.

If that youthful hormone user spends half of his life on the Internet or in front of the television, he/she and his/her fellow adolescents and teens will collectively be called "The Obesity Epidemic." Instead of muscles, those same growth hormones will instruct tummies and tushies to grow quite large. Pass a schoolyard at recess for confirmation of this "growing" trend.

Human growth hormone (hGH) once was the drug of choice for athletes wishing to excel. Then, insulin-like growth factor (IGF-I) was identified as the most powerful growth hormone in the human body.

The only hormone in the animal kingdom identical between any two of the 4,700 mammalian species is IGF-I. The two species are human and cow. Drink their milk; eat their cheese; ingest that exact same hormone. In our bodies, when IGF-1 is manufactured, it rapidly breaks down or binds to IGF-I receptors. When we eat IGF-I from the cow, it is protected by casein which "clumps" to prevent breakdown, and in homogenized milk, micronized liposomes (very tiny fat molecules) envelop and protect the growth factor allowing it "survive" for 30 minutes or more. There can be one-trillion such fat molecules in a pint of milk. Apply that same count to chocolate milk with added sugar.

Every tiny half-pint of milk given to kids eating lunch in school will double the amount of IGF-I in their bodies. IGF-I is the key to cellular growth. IGF-I does not discriminate between fat cells, muscle cells, or cancer cells. IGF-I makes all existing human cells and tissues grow.

Got milk? Got growth hormones. It is that simple. How can one guy with zero budget battle an industry which spends $500 million dollars each year to propagandize their dangerous product. How can a private industry be permitted to place posters of their product in school cafeterias?

It is the grandest lie and severest nutritional myth of the 21st century, but there is an antidote.

It is a combination of truth and activism.

Send today's truth to as many people as you can, asking this question:

Should children in school be given the same powerful growth hormone which football players and weight lifters take illegally?

Aside to parents: Do you really want your little boys and girls taking powerful human growth hormones with estrogen and progesterone? If the answer is yes, then ignore this commentary. If the answer is no, then get me before your school board. I will charge no fee for this service.

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