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From Michael Greger, MD
Updated January 2001

At the present time, only testing of milk has been conducted (and only in the United Kingdom). All other dairy products have been neglected (cheese, yogurt, etc.). The only safe policy would be either to test all milk before it is used to make other dairy products or to test all dairy products. One third of cheese produced in the United States, for example, is made from raw unpasteurized milk, in which one could expect the highest levels of paraTB bacteria.101 Cheese manufacturers rely on the salty acidic environment of cheese to inhibit bacterial growth,[181] but MAP is resistant to such conditions.[181] Even less robust mycobacteria can survive in soft cheese for at least 3 months and in hard cheese for up to 10 months.76 Reportedly, at the University of Wisconsin, there is currently a research project which is investigating the survival of Mycobacterium paratuberculosis in cheese.[86]

Since MAP can survive freezing for at least a year,[88] products such as ice cream may also be implicated.[26] Ice cream may also come from less rigorously pasteurized milk.[121] Other dairy products like butter, yogurt, and infant formula must also be high research priorities.[124]

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