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From Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr., MD

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Fig. 1. Coronary angiograms of distal left anterior descending artery before (left) and showing profound improvement (right) following 32 months of a plant-based diet without cholesterol-lowering medication.

Fig. 2. Coronary angiograms of proximal left anterior descending before (left) and showing 10% improvement (right) following approximately 60 months of a plant-based diet with cholesterol-lowering medication.

Fig. 3. Coronary angiograms of circumflex artery before (left) and showing 20% improvement (right) following approximately 60 months of a plant-based diet with cholesterol-lowering medication.

Fig. 4. Coronary angiograms of right coronary artery before (left) and showing 30% improvement (right) following approximately 60 months of a plant-based diet and cholesterol-lowering medication.

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