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From Robert Cohen,

Is the price of organic vegetables more than you are willing to pay? Weigh that cost against the price of treatment for your future life-ending disease.

I still have enough lettuce growing in my garden to provide for a few dozen salads, but the end of October/beginning of November's first killing frost approaches and the end of my growing season is near.

As I ate yesterday's bowl of greens with an oil-free dressing, I appreciated the taste and crunch and knowledge that my overnight  digestive process would take an hour or less. In the days that I consumed steak and chicken, most of my body energy would have been dedicated towards digesting animal protein.

I would wake up in the morning sluggish, and immediately eat a large breakfast which would settle into my stomach atop partially undigested food from the night before. I would repeat the process at lunch time, and again at snack time, and again at dinner.

It was no wonder that I was once the poster boy for obesity and ill health. I was clueless. I was America's expert on doing the wrong thing to his body.

More often than not, the reason people become vegetarian (they no longer eat anything with a face or a mother) is because of compassion to animal issues.

Today we consider compassion to human issues.

When you eat animal proteins, be they from fish, eggs, chicken, beef, pork, or dairy, they will create an acid condition in your blood. Imagine the essence of stinky rotten eggs infusing into your bloodstream. We cannot afford to lose bone density, but this is how your body compensates, by leeching calcium from your bones in order to neutralize the acid. Dr. William Castelli, lead researcher of the Framingham heart study (America's largest heart study) identifies homocysteine as the key to all heart disease.

Animal protein contains a large amount of cystine and methionine, the two amino acids which your body uses to manufacture homocystine. Methionine and cystine contain sulfur as their center atom.

So, that is the primary reason I avoid seafood, even though I once enjoyed eating mollusks and fish. Combined with the way they are harvested, and the concentrated chemicals within their flesh, I've eliminated seafood from my diet.

If you were eliminating one food group at a time, with the goal of eating a plant-based diet as I do, here is the order that I would advise seeing you give up food groups:

FIRST: Eliminate all milk and dairy

SECOND: Eliminate all poultry and eggs THIRD: Eliminate all seafood FOURTH: Eliminate all pork FIFTH: Eliminate all beef

As a rule, the higher up one goes on the food chain, the more concentrated are the toxins, heavy metals, pesticides, dioxins, and PCBs in their flesh and body fluids. Most seafood is unlike farm-raised meats in that regard.

Large fish are predatory in nature, eating thousands of smaller living creatures before you ultimately ingest their body fat and proteins. The same cannot be said for farm-raised animals eating a plant-based diet.

By the time you eat a slab of dead fish, you will ingest hundreds of thousands of doses of concentrated dioxins and other toxic chemicals. By the time you eat the  flesh from a farmed animal, you will eat the concentrated equivalent of thousands of doses of toxins which come from each pesticide-filled meal that the farm animal ate. By the time you  consume your vegetarian meal of stir-fried carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, and peppers, you will have consumed a handful of doses of herbicides.

And...after you have eaten a meal of organic veggies, you will have received zero doses of toxins.

Is the price of organic vegetables more than you are willing to pay? Weigh that cost against the price of treatment for your future life-ending disease.

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