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Ask anyone for their views on the cost of healthcare these days and you’re bound to stir some emotions. But no matter what side you are on, the good news about the current healthcare reform debate is that it has encouraged people to start thinking about the healthcare needs of this country. The bad news, most people are still overlooking the main reasons why we spend so much on healthcare – chronic diseases. These diseases include heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer and are among the most common and costly of all health problems in the U.S. Chronic diseases are responsible for seven of every 10 deaths and account for more than 70% of the $1 trillion spent on health care each year in the U.S.

But these diseases also happen to be the most preventable because they are a result of what people do, or not do, in the course of their daily lives. There are four common causes of chronic diseases: poor nutrition, tobacco use, excessive alcohol consumption and lack of physical activity. So how you live your life will affect how much you (and all of us) will spend on healthcare. In July of 2009, the American Dietetic Association (ADA), the world’s largest organization of food and nutrition professionals, released an updated position paper on vegetarian diets that concludes “such diets, if well-planned, are healthful and nutritious for adults, infants, children and adolescents and can help prevent and treat chronic diseases including heart disease, cancer, obesity and diabetes.” In fact, research has shown that vegetarians are 50% less likely to develop heart disease and have 40% of the cancer rate of meat-eaters. The ADA also states that vegetarians have “lower blood cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure, and lower rates of hypertension, type 2 diabetes, and prostate and colon cancer.”

Political experts say that it is fear that is driving the raucous crowds and angry protesters that have turned healthcare town hall meetings into shouting matches. But for the sake of saving our tax dollars and improving the healthcare system as a whole, let’s hope people instead develop a healthy fear of bacon cheeseburgers, cigarettes and binge drinking and skip an occasional protest to attend their regular checkups or ride a bike.

Don’t get me wrong, I am excited to see that people are engaged in the political process and wishing to express their opinions on the President’s plans to reform healthcare. But let’s not overlook the 800 pound gorilla in the room. Unfortunately, most of us wait until something is seriously wrong with us before we change our lifestyle and by that time, treatment is very, very expensive. Let’s not wait America, change the course of your life and that of this country today by adopting a vegan/vegetarian diet.

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