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The Science behind Atkins


I have spared no effort to locate and carefully read the scientific papers that have been published about the Atkins Diet. The ones that have received most public attention are those directly comparing the Atkins Diet to a “low-fat” diet. Of the nine research papers[1-9] I was able to obtain and review that directly compare the Atkins Diet with a “low-fat” diet, four[4,6-8] were funded by the Robert C. Atkins Foundation.

Other research papers funded by the Atkins Foundation were also located and reviewed; [10-12] as were several others on this topic with independent financial support.[13-20]

The funding for the third issue of the journal of Metabolic Syndrome and Related Disorders was not identified, but the entire edition was dedicated to the memory of Robert Atkins, MD – and by no coincidence, the articles within were highly supportive of his low-carbohydrate diet.[21-32]

There were a few abstracts (a brief written paragraph about an unpublished study) and several related research papers in obscure journals that I could not obtain – I doubt that these would have altered my findings.

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