Vegan Kids at Lower Risk for Heart Disease
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Mercy for Animals (MFA)
February 2015

According to a new study, going vegan is a great way for obese kids to lower their risk of heart disease. In fact, it looks like itís even more effective than the standard American Heart Association (AHA) diet.

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Twenty-eight obese children suffering from high cholesterol were split into two dietary groups: low-fat vegan and AHA. The vegan kids improved in nine measures, including heart disease indicators. Kids following the AHA diet imercmproved in four.

ďAccording to Cleveland Clinic research, obese children who begin a low-fat, plant-based vegan diet may lower their risk for heart disease through improvements in their weight, blood pressure, body mass index, cholesterol levels, insulin sensitivity and high-sensitivity C-reactive,Ē stated a recent DNA India article.

And vegan diets arenít just great for kids; a similar study confirmed that veganism curbs heart disease in adults as well. Additionally, ditching meat reduces a personís risk for cancer and diabetes.

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