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These vegan health articles are presented to assist you in taking a pro-active part in your own health.

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June 2016

For MUCH more information about healthy plant-based eating, visit Physicians Committee Health and Nutrition Literature. Below is an introduction to some of their great resources!

Vegetarian Starter Kit

Want to change your life? Over half-a-million readers have embraced the Physicians Committee's popular introduction to a plant-based diet. Learn about the whys and hows of a healthier diet, the New Four Food Groups guidelines, practical tips for beginning a vegetarian diet, and delicious low-fat, no-cholesterol recipes. 16 pages.

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Make Every Meal a Power Plate Meal

Fill your plate with a variety of whole grains, legumes, and plenty of colorful vegetables and fruits for a powerfully healthy diet. 4 pages.

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Diet and Diabetes: Recipes for Success

Current research indicates that a low-fat vegetarian diet can be a powerful tool for preventing and reversing diabetes. This fact sheet explains the key steps. 4 pages.

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Nutrition Rainbow Flier

The colors of fruits and vegetables often indicate the presence of particular cancer-fighting nutrients. This sheet charts the protective compounds suggested by each color and lists the best plant sources. Easy to use and visually striking, the Nutrition Rainbow makes perfect refrigerator door art. 1 page.

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Healthy Eating for Life: Food Choices for Cancer Prevention and Survival

Learn about the powerful benefits of a vegetarian diet. This guide shows some dietary changes have a preventative effect for many types of cancer. Read about the facts that point to choosing a vegetarian diet to help prevent cancer and improve cancer survival. 20 pages.

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