HeartbreakLight and Darkness, Further Observations
Heartbreak: Ramblings From a Compassionate Heart - A Mary T. Hoffman Commentary from All-Creatures.org

A series of commentaries by Mary T. Hoffman about: humans and animals and the cruelty inflicted upon them; prayer and grace, and the role of the Holy Spirit in our lives; and the problems that plague our lives in this corrupted world.

Light and Darkness, Further Observations
By Mary T. Hoffman

Jesus is Light – light all around – casting no shadows.

While we humans shine a light (like a flashlight) to illuminate our special missions, at the same time we cast a shadow, putting in darkness and hiding another worthy cause.

An example: Shedding light on the abortion issue and placing the suffering of billions of animals in deep shadow, so that the “prince of darkness” can work his evil undeterred.

The Holy Spirit sheds light without shadows, illuminating every inch, every corner, every thing, every issue, and exposing every injustice.

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Watercolor Painting by Mary T. Hoffman